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When it come to an inlay/onlay, the ceramic one is the optimal choice. Therefore we made it financially more appealing.

Extremely durable, tooth enamel-like solution.

It is advised to brace against caries that impact one or two surfaces of the tooth in contact with the neighboring tooth or cavities on two or more regions of the dental surface. It is absolutely to replace old, extensive amalgam fillings or replace or cover tips in root-treated teeth.

An inlay can also be made for esthetic reasons (the chewing tooth is discolored, the tooth structure is congenitally defective), if the tooth is formally incorrect, or the chewing is unsatisfactory.

Which are the main characteristics that made this material our favorite?

The quality, carrying capacity and esthetics of the pressed ceramic inlays are excellent. Fixed with the correct technique, the gluing edges are no longer visible thanks to the high precision of the replacement. The risk of possible decoloration or even of caries can be avoided.

It is easy to paint the ceramic part. This is particularly important when a unique color feature in natural teeth is observed. The aesthetic result most similar to the original tooth can be returned with ceramics. The ceramic inlay represents the best quality currently available when using inlays.

The final insert has two seats. First the preparation, impression, and bite fixation is done, which is then sent to the dental technician. The dental technician makes a prosthesis that fits 100% into the cavity, taking into account the specific color character. It's usually done in a few days. During this time, the tooth has a temporary lining. After the dental preparation, the dentist repairs it with a different glue or mortar based on the inlay content.

You want to read more about this type of restorations? Please find our treatment description here.

Offer: The list price of a full ceramic inlay/onlay is 115.000 HUF, and now you can get it done for just 105.000 HUF each, if you order 4 or more units at our office. Please ask our colleagues at the recepcion about the conditions for using this discount!

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