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Implants are the latest procedure available for replacing lost teeth. By using implants it is possible to replace any number of teeth. 

We recommend the Biomet Dental implant if price really matters for you. Each of these products meets the highest international standards. Biomet Dental implants also offer a solution for every situation.

If you want to get the World Nr.1 dental implant brand - Straumann - we have something to offer you! 

Ask for your personal offer at our staff for our actual prices!

We prepare for our clients a detailed personal treatment plan, so you will see all of the elements of an implant procedure. 

Please note that we need a dental CT to check (for example) your bone structure, whether there is enough bone for placing the implant. If not, we can put some artificial bone to the affected area, so this is in most cases not a problem. In case you would need bone augmentation our oral surgeon will tell you in details the what it looks like a treatment like this and what costs you can expect. There won't be any surprises. This is a standard dental surgical procedure.

Implants will repay the invested care for so many years!

The price of the artificial tooth covers the whole process - thus, the cost includes the following:

  • consultation, necessary x-rays, surgery planning
  • surgical implantation of the artificial tooth
  • implant closure (for healing)
  • implant liberation => unlike other dental clinics, we don’t ask for any extra fees for this procedure! See and find out!
  • installing the healing screw
  • standard (straight) superstructure* on which the anatomic dental crown is fixed
  • quality metal-ceramic crown (with shouldered preparation so that it won’t irritate the gums)
  • x-ray controls, dental examinations
* in case a unique or an angled superstructure (e.g. multi-unit) is needed, please ask for further information regarding the price.

With no hidden costs! Ask for your personal offer at our staff for our actual prices!

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Read our treatment description clicking on this link.

Both of our offered dental systems come with lifetime guarantee. 

If you are having one, two or three teeth replaced, you can/will have a temporary restoration in the meantime (in case of a large number of replaced teeth it is always there for aesthetic reason). In case you have complete dentures, then these can be worn throughout the healing period once they have been modified after the surgery. Ask our specialists about the best available temporary replacement and their prices!

Bridge or dental implant? Save your natural teeth!

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