Quality warranty for you, quality treatments from us

Our treatments are always made with the greatest of care using the most modern dental equipment and materials. These themselves provide a guarantee for you to safely use dentures, implants and aesthetic fillings for a long period of time.

Besides complying with high professional standards, we also provide guarantee for our medical interventions. In certain cases, the duration of the warranty may even be for several years. Why? Because we are sure that you always receive individualized and responsibly provided service.

Treatment name Warranty length
For aesthetic fillings: 1 year
For Inlays and onlays 2 years
Fixed dentures (crowns, bridges) 3 years
Removable prosthesis and dentures 1 year
Porcelain veneer: 1 year
For the material of Straumann and SGS Implants: lifetime warranty


  1. Quality: quality raw materials guaranteed. At our clinic, we pay particular attention to use dental materials that come exclusively from reliable resources and qualified suppliers. 
  2. Special expertise guaranteed: Our dentists continuously training themselves so that they can make you treatment plans based on up-to-date leading solutions. 
  3. Professional dental technology guaranteed: Our cooperating partners are composed of dental laboratories that work exclusively with professional experts. 

The warranty is valid under the normal conditions of use of the dentures.

Conditions and exclusions of the warranty coverage:

a) the Patient adequately cleans his/her teeth and continuously complies with the oral hygiene standards as described by the dentist

b) the Patient visits the Provider’s dental office every six months or each year and participates at the health checks prescribed by the dentist

c) the Patient has the status maintenance treatments performed within 30 days (such as plaque removal, relining dentures) that his/her dentist suggests

d) the Patient keeps his/her denture clean in the given way

e) the Patient use his/her denture as intended, the prosthesis is only exposed to physiological masticatory forces that won’t lead to the overload of the artificial tooth

f) the Patient doesn’t expose the denture to trauma, osteopathy and gum diseases

g) the Patient pays for each intervention on time to the Provider. 

As far as the additional provisions in connection with the limitation of liability, exclusion and enforcement of warranty claims and our responsibility regarding the services we provide are concerned, they can be found in our applied Terms and Conditions. Learn more about it at Terms and conditions.