Information on rapid antigen test needed

Dear Patient!

In our practice, maintaining health is of paramount importance, especially during an epidemic period. Therefore, our patients are subjected to a rapid coronavirus antigen test and should start dental treatment only if it is negative.

We can perform the test for 5,000 HUF.

We ask you to inform your patient coordinator colleagues before your date if you have a vaccination certificate and if so, be sure to bring your own date. This will simplify administration and allow treatments to be performed without further risk assessment.

How is sampling done?

Sampling is performed from the nasopharynx using a nasal swab. The result can be read within ten minutes. The sample is taken by our trained assistants. Please arrive at our office 10 minutes earlier than the specified time due to the extra examination! 

When is it not necessary to perform the test?

Exempted from the test obligation if

  • you have already received both vaccinations (and have a vaccination certificate),
  • or if you present a PCR test not older than two days or an antigen test not older than one day to our receptionist!

What to expect if the test is positive?

In this case, the consultation or treatment will be rescheduled. Of course, our staff will do their best to arrange a new date for you to perform the intervention as soon as possible!

It is #covidsafe in DENTOP!

We are also pleased to inform you that all the staff of our office have received the COVID-19 vaccine! We continue to keep our patient safety protocol alive, and update it depending on the evolution of the epidemic situation.

Thank you for your cooperation! Thanks to you, we continue to provide our services in safe conditions, we look forward to hearing from you.


Gábor KISS


Government decree of 469/2021. (VIII. 6.) on the emergency order of planned dental benefits, rehabilitation benefits and planned invasive interventions stipulates that a person over 6 years of age applying for the listed services and interventions, excluding blood sampling and injection (hereinafter referred to as "patient") is conditional on:

(a) protected against coronavirus, or

(b) a negative molecular biological test - SARS-CoV-2 PCR test - performed within 48 hours prior to the planned treatment or intervention and a negative antigen rapid test on the day of treatment or intervention CoV-2 coronavirus was not detected.

The same applies to the person accompanying the patient (hereinafter referred to as the accompanying person). According to the regulation, an exception is made for a person who is unprotected against a coronavirus who is planning a planned invasive procedure, if the risk of invasive intervention is negligible from a professional point of view.