UPDATE! Gradual reopening from 04/05/2020 – Learn more

In accordance with the new ministerial decree (17/2020, IV.30.) issued on 30/04/2020 Dental and oral surgery practice may be gradually resumed from 4 May 2020.

What does the Ministerial Decree contain? What kind of details you may find in the procedure guidance?

As a first step, the Regulation allows mainly urgent treatments that present a lower risk of transmission of COVID-19 and are prioritized on the basis of the patient's health status. In other words, there should be a gradual increase in the range of treatments performed. Our professional team is currently working on the list of allowed treatments and it will be finalized in the upcoming days.

Outpatient cares considered to be more epidemiologically risky, including dentistry, have been identified by the Regulation, where patients required to fill in a COVID-19 questionnaire (pre-triage) and the doctor is responsible to decide whether to request a PCR test which means that the doctor classifies the patient as a coronavirus suspect based on pre-triage.

If the test is requested, the patient has to notify the GP via the standard protocol, and then a test will be provided by the National Ambulance Service or the patient is free to go to any private sampling point, or laboratory to ask for a test at her own cost.

After reviewing the legislation released as of 04/05/2020, a negative PCR test (SARS-CoV-2 PCR) is NOT necessary for each and every treatment which is excluded from the emergency treatment list, unless the doctor clarifies the patient as a suspected coronavirus case. This is a test performed by a laboratory that does not equal with the quick tests available at dental offices, as the result of these quick tests are not accepted by the law.

What's next? What can you expect?

Dates still need to be agreed via phone. We can only make an appointment for treatment based on pre-registration and testing.

You will be informed about the measures taken at our dentist due to COVID-19, and you’ll be asked to fill in a COVID-19 questionnaire to help your doctor assess the risk. The questionnaire can be interpreted as a supplement pre-triage.

Caution is expected to increase in the coming weeks. Please understand that these steps are in favour of our mutual safety. We can start working, but we do so with our highest responsibility, so we introduce a few restrictive provisions to mitigate the risks.

What are these (voluntary) restrictive provisions?

We are still in a time of epidemics. In Hungary, the drastic upscale may be lagging behind, the healthcare capacity needed to deal with the epidemic is available, but we need to be vigilant. 

Being cautious with the epidemics situation until further notice, we can’t provide our service to special affected groups as follows:

  • chronic patients that are deemed to be at high risk by theirs doctor (e.g. those with undergoing chemotherapy, diabetics) and
  • our patients over the age of 65. 

The main goal is to protect the health of those concerned. If treatment may be postponed, we, therefore, recommend that members of these high-risk categories postpone care and contact their doctor from time to time, as the condition is / may change rapidly during the active phase of the epidemic.

COVID-19 guide

We will inform all our dear patients, separately, prior to the agreed treatment session via phone and e-mail, on the new, specific information.

When can we resume treatments that have already started? 

Thoes whose appointments having been canceled previously due to the epidemic in the last weeks, our colleagues will contact you individually by phone or e-mail within the next two weeks

In accordance with the Ministerial Decree, our doctors will review ongoing (i.e. previously initiated) treatments as a matter of urgency, in accordance with medical principles, and will endeavor to notify everyone as soon as possible on the timing of the expected resume.

All initiated and discontinued treatments will be completed, but this depends on the procurement of the necessary materials and the smooth operation of the dental office background. We are constantly working to ensure these conditions.

An improved hygiene protocol remains in place.

Our office has ordered the extra protective clothing required for the epidemic, the necessary FFP masks and, in addition to the central air exchange system already operating in our office, a modern air purification device has been acquired as well, which has been proven to be effective against coronavirus and is expected to be operational within a few days.

In accordance with the Ministerial Decree, our doctors will review ongoing (i.e. previously initiated) treatments as a matter of urgency, in accordance with medical principles, and will endeavor to notify everyone as soon as possible on the timing of the expected resume.

We are expected to reintroduce our treatments gradually from mid-May.

There is still an improved hygiene protocol in place. If possible, we ask you to come in a mask., without any escort.

Upon entry, after hand disinfection after non-contact fever measurement, you will also receive protective clothing. 

Are price changes expectable?

The costs of our services have not changed. We retain the commitments contained in the quote. 

Although, it was necessary to introduce the infection control fee in order to cover our additional costs generated by the new, upgraded infection control policy, the maintenance of the air purification equipment, and purchasing a higher amount of personal protective equipment.

The amount of the infection control fee is 5 000 HUF / session. 

In a case of multiple-session treatment we offer special infection control fee.


From 1st of July the infection control is FREE.

Thank you for your patience and the cooperation of our patients.

Our colleagues are looking forward to scheduling new appointments for you via phone or e-mail.