IMPORTANT: All of the presented cases are the works of Dr. Avin Houman

You can consult with him and get your personalized treatment plan.

Case 1, Extraction case+ profile improvement

Our lips or teeth affect one another. Being in the wrong position, will affect the other one as well.

With meticulous planning, our Orthodontist makes sure that both will be addressed.

The end results can be as stunning as the case below! A beautiful wide smile with the result that will last for life time.

Case 2, Early intervention, crossbites

Early interventions are avoid future and more complicated problems. They can avoid or shorten the fiture treatments. And for that reason, we highly recommend early check ups.

In this case you can notice the unilateral cross bite, before and after the treatment.

Case 3, Aligner therapy

Aligners offer stunning results. And the cases are usully treated within short period of time.

This case finished within 4 months of active aligner therapy.

4th case, Miniimplant, facial and profile improvement

Difficult cases, require different approaches than ordinary cases.

Sometimes, we are bound to use mini-implants to make those bigger tooth movements, which we would not be able to make without.

This was an exceptionally difficult case, which we managed and the results are undeniably beautiful.

Now, our patient has not only a beautiful smile, but also a much more improved, relaxed and balanced profile.

Case 5, importance of early intervetion

Early interventions can drastically change the child’s path of growth.

This case involved a 15 months treatment with removable appliances.

Case 6, tooth loss, space closure with help of your own teeth and mini-implants!

Have you lost a tooth and it bothers you? Perhaps having an implant is not ideal for you? Or your dentist needs to do multiple surgeries before placing and implant?

No problem! In such cases, we can close those spaces with help of Orthodontic appliances!

Contact us for a consultation and we can discuss details!

Case 7, pain and clicking while openning or closing your mouth

You can benefit from night guards, if you suffer from acute or chronic pain, while opening and closing you mouth.

They are designed to fit well on your teeth and to relax your muscles. Book an appointment with our Orthodontist , and we can tell you more.

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