Periodontal disease is considered a folk disease. We provide you with the best therapeutic solution.

The biggest danger of periodontal disease is that it can lead to tooth loss even with minimal symptoms. As a result, a perfectly healthy tooth can start to move and fall out in more severe cases. Periodontal disease affects the tissue held in place around the tooth, not the tooth itself, which is often why it is difficult to notice.

If you answer yes to any of the following few questions, consider contacting a specialist. At our dentistry, we have 2 periodontist specialists for our patients, whether it is a minor aesthetic (eg gingival retraction) correction procedure or a more complex surgical case, supplemented with regular maintenance treatments.

  • Are your gums bleeding?
  • Is your mouth constantly bad?
  • Are your tooth necks sensitive?
  • Is your gums red, inflamed and tender?
  • Is your breath uncomfortable?
  • Are your teeth loose?

In our ParoStart+ package we have selected the following items for you:

  • Periodontist specialist consultation (HUF 20.000)*
  • Guided Biofilm Therapy ™ (HUF 45.000)
  • Taking & Analysis of dental 2D imagery (HUF 10.000)*
  • Oral hygiene instruction, motivation for learning the right dental care - personalized (demonstrative presentation of dental hygiene devices, practice of their use) (HUF 0)
  • Oral cancer screening.

The package price is HUF 65.000, instead of HUF 75.000.

Prevention plays a key role in our program. It is worth participating, as now, in addition to the specialist consultation, the groundbreaking Guided Biofilm Therapy is also part of the discount package.


The treatments included in the package require 2 occasions. In the first round, a specialist consultation and diagnosis takes place, and in the second round, the treating physician performs the Guided Biofilm Therapy and the related instruction. The package price is paid in two equal installments.

* Our dentist decides on the need for a panoramic X-ray based on professional criteria. The package price does not include any cost of 3D imagery, but includes the 2D panoramic X-ray. This specialist consultation package does not include the cost of periodontal status, for which an independent appointment must be agreed.

The price of our "ParoStart +" package is now only 65,000 HUF with a 10,000 HUF discount instead of 75,000 HUF!

What can you do to avoid periodontal disease?

  • Also thoroughly clean your teeth and dentures, if any
  • Participate in a dental checkup every six months
  • Remove tartar regularly. (recommended half a year)
  • Pay attention to proper nutrition and health
  • To make the treatment effective, avoid smoking if possible
  • If you notice any symptoms of periodontal disease, consult our specialist.

You can find our description of periodontal diseases at this link.

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