Plan in advance: call for an online quotation!

It is always hard to compare the prices of various dental offices since they don’t use the same materials. In most cases, even the exact content of the given treatment remains unclear.

If you wish to plan in advance and find out about the expectable costs of your upcoming treatment please honor us with your trust! Send us a brief summary of your problem including an x-ray and share your ideas with us! We will send you an online quotation by taking full account of your demands.

What’s good in an online quotation?

  • Because it is completed quickly.
  • Because there’s no need to visit us - you can ask for it comfortably, from your home.
  • Because you can plan in advance basing on the quotation you received.
  • Because you can learn about the range of options you have. What is more, further possible problems may be discovered as well. 

What not to expect from an online quotation?

Online quotation is only indicative - thus, it is important for you to know that the final quotation may be different from that.

What is the reason for that? Imagine a situation where you ask for a quotation because you want to restore your kitchen. Then, the work begins and some hidden defects appear which make the whole procedure a lot more expensive than you’ve ever thought.

Online quotation works the same way since it may happen that a hidden dental problem is not visible on the x-ray you gave us. Such problems could be for example gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or the beginning of a cavity. Before we start the bigger treatment we should take care of these first and that is going to raise the price.

As the treatment plan, the online quotation is also specified after the personal consultation.

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