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Crowns and bridges with quality guarantee @ discounted prices - We offer our aesthetic zirconium crowns with up to 10.000 HUF reduction each!*

• Do you have aesthetic problems?

• Would you need a prosthesis?

• Do you have a fractured tooth that needs to be built up?

• You don’t want to stay toothless during your prosthetic treatment?

Why we offer the zirconium crowns? Exceptional value for money proposition!

  • 100 % natural, esthetic dentures
  • Anti-allergic, completely metal-free, so we recommend it to those who have metal allergies
  • High precision CAD / CAM state-of-the-art computer-aided design and production
  • Premium quality with warranty
  • Accurate and durable solution (By comparison, the average well-made conventional metal-ceramic crown has an edge closure of 50-80 microns, while the zircon is made with a precision of 5 microns!).
  • The zircon crown is also suitable for endo-treated, strongly discolored tooth stubs.

It has a significantly higher light transmittance of zirconia than traditional cermet dentures, which is important for perfect aesthetics.

Owing to its solid structure, zirconium dioxide is ideal for bridge building, despite not having metal.

The shoulder pattern prevents having a black boundary at the gum bottom.

The zircon crown has no thermal conductivity, so no cold or heat hypersensitivity characteristic of conventional metal-framed crowns. Moreover, the sensation of metallic flavor does not exist because it does not conduct electricity!

There are many benefits, it's worth picking, now at a reduced price! DENTOP guarantees all prepared dentures, ensuring durability and excellent zirconium crown quality.

Prices contain the following treatment processes:

  • health check
  • consultation
  • making of a customized treatment plan
  • anaesthesia (1x)
  • preparing the stub for the crowns (polishing/preparation)
  • impression taking and accurate planning
  • frame tests
  • adjustment, bite setting (fine-tunings)
  • temporary and final cementation
  • short- and long-term checks

We would really want your new teeth to last for a very long time - thus, our colleagues will teach you how to clean your new prostheses in order to improve its life expectancy. This is our task as well, we are more than happy to instruct you.

No worry! Not to be left without teeth when planning the final replacement

A temporary crown will be formed between crown planning and final crown delivery. This can be made right next to the chair. Using plastic-based materials, or a laboratory, a temporary crown may be made from various strength materials. A temporary lab-made crown generally occurs because the crown is not meant for permanent treatment, but we also have to wait for the actual crown to be made. With the temporary crown, the tooth's discomfort may be prevented. (The temporary crown does have an additional price. Ask the dentist about the options!)

Thanks to the progress of technology and dentistry, today’s prostheses meet even the highest demands and we can choose from various solutions to treat our missing teeth. Our expert team make each type of prostheses with outstanding competence and practice using the latest technology.

Replacing missing teeth is not only important because of aesthetic reasons. 

Owing to more extensive tooth loss, your chewing will be inadequate which may result in gastrointestinal disturbances, not to mention jaw joint problems.

Price calculation for circular bridges - Prosthesis discount on zirconium

Zirconium-crown unit: 105.000 HUF instead of 115.000 HUF
In case of a 12-unit circular bridge: 12 pcs x 105.000 HUF = 1.260.000 HUF

Total savings: 120.000 HUF

*The discount can be applied to more than 4 units (crowns) prepared at our office.

In case of lower or upper porcelain covered metal (PFM) ceramics circular bridges:

Porcelain crown bridge unit: 75.000 HUF

In case of a 12-unit circular bridge: 75.000 HUF x 12 = 900.000 HUF

Why should you trust the expertise of DENTOP?

  • Our doctors are the best trained clinicians
  • They regularly take part at the Semmelweiss Medical University at the Dentistry Faculty dental and prosthetic education
  • We love to create beautiful and durable things since we know that these are the ones that are needed for your satisfaction
  • There’s always an opportunity to have a medical consultation - thus, it is guaranteed that you get the most appropriate treatment plan even if we are facing a complex, complicated case
  • At our clinic, all the special dental sciences can be found in one place (from oral surgery all the way up to the treatment of periodontal disease)
  • We are exclusively working with dental partners and laboratories performing quality work - we only accept perfection!

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