The most common dental problems and their treatments

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Toothache is certainly not comparable to any other pain - besides, there are several kinds from dull, inconvenient pain to powerful, throbbing ache. However, it’s not only the pain that is diversified but also the causes leading to torment, such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

Unfortunately a lot of people simply disregard these problems, hence they don’t visit the dentist immediately. They only make an appointment when toothache reappears or their pain is already unbearable.

Don’t live together with pain! Visit us today so that we can find out the origin of your toothache and start the necessary treatment as soon as possible!

Visit the following link to learn more about the potential causes of toothache and how to eliminate it permanently:

Tooth filling

Root canal treatment

It’s really frightening when someone finds out that his/her teeth are moving. The movement of the teeth is resulting from periodontal diseases - an untreated, prolonged gingivitis may result in periodontal disease later on. If tissues around the tooth weaken, the chewing organ will start to move since there’s nothing left to support it.

If you want to know how moving teeth can be treated and saved, visit the link below:

Periodontal disease treatment 

Teeth which have cavity not only hurt but they also might cause chewing difficulties and aesthetic problems. Despite the fact that we can treat a hollow tooth relatively easy and fast, a lot of patients procrastinate on visiting the dentist ‘at the point of death’ when cavity is already more extensive.

Information on aesthetic treatments of hollow teeth can be found at

On more expansive tooth decays we suggest our patients to take a look at our inlays / onlays

Although aesthetic, white fillings are considered to be durable, they might fall out if they’re too old, or they’ve made with inadequate expertise or when secondary decay has developed next to them.

It’s worth replacing the lost fillings as soon as possible so that we can prevent further damage of the tooth. The most appropriate treatment for you might be

Aaesthetic dentistry / aesthetic fillings

or inlays / onlays when the bone loss is more extensive.

Is your tooth fractured because of an accident? Are your teeth fragmented because you have too weak enamel? No matter what’s in the background, the correction of fractured teeth are absolutely necessary. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because they are often sensitive and they might ache as well which is not easy to live with.

When it comes to broken teeth, we can achieve a really aesthetic result with direct front teeth restoration / makeup and direct veneers, as well as with metal-free crowns.

Who can laugh with relief if his/her smile is blemished by metallic, grayish fillings? Old amalgam fillings are often replaced because of aesthetic reasons since perfect teeth is not a dream anymore with modern composite materials used today.

The replacement of amalgam fillings might also be necessary when a secondary cavity has developed due to inadequate closure.

If you want to get rid of your amalgam fillings, we can make your smile attractive with light-hardening, aesthetic white fillings or using inlays / onlays.

The primary aim of modern dentistry is to save your own teeth, but unfortunately there are some cases when tooth extraction remains the only option.

Tooth loss - even if gaps are not visible - might cause further problems besides aesthetics. Even the lack of a single tooth may affect chewing and articulation negatively, so it’s very important to replace each one of them.

To laugh with relief again, we provide a comprehensive solution by making aesthetic, metal-free prostheses (crowns and bridges) and by inserting dental implants.

Complete tooth loss rather concerns older people but luckily, there exist many gentle and aesthetic tooth replacement solutions for them today.

Removable full dentures mean a classic solution, but a lot of people are afraid of wearing them. If you are on of these patients and you rather want a more comfortable and more stable prosthesis, our colleagues suggest to have fixed detachable dentures after having dental implants inserted. With these, you can enjoy life as much as in your youth!

Removable dentures

Irregular teeth might be cute in childhood but it doesn’t look good on an adult. Furthermore, teeth piled on each other are in the favor of tooth decay since it’s impossible to properly clean them. Besides, they might cause minor speech disorders as well.


There are many people who can’t stand crowded teeth but others are bothered by the gaps between their teeth. Wide intertooth spaces can be mostly an issue of concern for aesthetic reasons and even articulation is difficult with too vast gaps between your teeth.

If you wish to make your wide tooth gaps disappear, you can choose between the lengthy orthodontics or a much faster treatment including direct and indirect veneers but it’s important to know that they are solely suitable for aesthetic corrections.



Those people who can only dream about having the perfect set of teeth, may easily feel embarrassed because of their irregular teeth. If you want to regain your lost confidence and get into the centre of attention with your perfect smile during a work presentation or in a numerous company, you might be interested in aesthetic indirect and direct veneers or metal-free crowns.


White, brilliant teeth are synonymous with beauty and confident appearance. It’s very often that a smile is enough for dating or solving a problem - assuming that the given smile is attractive.

Discolouration is fairly common amongst patients. What could be the reason? Partly the consumption of ‘colourful’ drinks, such as coffee, tea and coke and harmful habits like smoking. If you want to regain the whiteness of your teeth, make an appointment at our clinic for a tooth whitening treatment.

If the discolouration of your teeth is the consequence of a root canal treatment or fluorosis (consumption of too much fluoride), the installation of direct and indirect veneers or metal-free crowns might bring back your brilliant smile.



Tooth sensitivity can even ruin your brightest day since the sudden, sharp pain occurs in the most unexpected moments and may last for hours. If you don’t dare to drink a hot cup of coffee or to happily have an ice cream with your partner and children it’s worth taking the first step and visit our dental clinic.

Several factors may trigger teeth sensitivity which can be remedied through root canal treatment or dental filling.

Aesthetic fillings

Root canal treatment

When it comes to bite-related sensitivity, the pain doesn’t occur in the tooth itself - the sensation is developed by the tooth root an its nerves inside. When the patient bites on the diseased, inflamed tooth it applies pressure on the end of the root which triggers this pretty inconvenient sensitivity or pain.

Naturally, the accurate diagnosis can only be established after thorough examinations which might make root canal treatment or periodontal disease treatment necessary.

Root canal treatment

Periodontal disease treatment

Who wouldn’t wish for snow white, shining teeth that everyone admires? Unfortunately, nature only gives this gift to a few. On the other hand, the original colour of the teeth always have a yellowish shade to it even if they are appropriately cleaned.

Beautiful, white teeth are available for everyone but different treatments might be appropriate. If tooth whitening doesn’t provide you the desired result, direct and indirect veneers in different shades might be a satisfying solution.

Tooth whitening

Gingivitis is one of the most insidious dental problem - it starts with minor gum bleeding which is ignored by most of us. Then, symptoms get so worse that an even serious pain may develop. And if that were not enough, tooth loss can be the end of such a story.

If you already experience the symptoms of gingivitis, please don’t procrastinate visiting the dentist since your story can have a ‘happy end’ with a periodontal treatment or - at an early stage - an oral care consultancy.

Periodontal treatment

The shortest way to have the ‘dream smile’ is smile consultancy. Before smile consultancy existed, the patient could only see the results when the given prosthesis or other any treatment was ready. Thanks to modern design softwares, now you have the opportunity to take a look at your future smile in advance. You can examine various solutions and you also have the possibility to plan the shape and the colour of your future teeth together with your dentist.

If you want to have wonderful teeth make an appointment now and plan your dream smile with us!

Full life involves full dentures, but stability is important as well. The biggest problem with removable dentures is the fact that they easily move away - thus, they are uncomfortable to wear. Besides, the fear of dislocation might make denture wearers inhibited. If you want to replace your removable denture with a fixed denture, please read the details of dental implants and dentures and learn more about the most appropriate solutions. Enjoy family dinners without any worries and be in the centre of attention again!

Dental implant

If you have a bad breath, other people might be reluctant to stay with you in the same room. Although this is a pretty common problem, it’s considered as a taboo. It’s really important to know that bad breath may also refer to many serious dental diseases, such as periodontal diseases and tooth decays which shouldn’t be neglected.

The elimination of bad breath can be done with periodontal treatments or plaque removals.

Periodontal treatments

If wisdom teeth are healthy and they have enough place in your mouth, then there’s no need to do anything special, they should be cleaned the same way as the other teeth. Unfortunately this ideal case is really rare since most of the time, there’s something wrong with these teeth.

It may happen that they don’t grow vertically or they partially break through the gum. It’s also common that wisdom teeth cope over the adjacent molars which makes cleaning impossible.

If you suffer a lot from your wisdom teeth, then there’s nothing left but wisdom tooth extraction with surgical uncovery so that you can have the joy of painless chewing again after the healing time.

Wisdom teeth extraction

A lot of people consider tartar as a simple aesthetic problem. Actually, this is partially true since discolored teeth are the least attractive but this is the minor problem.

If patients neglect tartar and don’t remove them periodically, gums may get inflamed which can cause much more serious symptoms later on.

If you have visible plaque or tartar on your teeth, then you’ll need an ultrasonic tartar removal.

Dental hygiene treatment

Diseased teeth in adulthood are always attributable to dental problems that were established in childhood. Everyone knows how kids are - they don’t want to brush their teeth in the morning and in the evening and they are more than welcome to skip these procedures if they can.

As a parent, you simply can’t stand beside your child all day long and check if he/she has brushed his/her teeth or if he/she used the most appropriate technique but you can make sure that their teeth have less cavity. Modern dentistry will help you in that with fissure sealing. During this treatment, we put a light hardening, plastic layer on the molars which seals the fissures and prevent bacteria from proliferating inside.

Fissure sealing

Many of teeth grinders don’t know if they’re moving their jaws back and forth or from left to right at night. However, those who are aware of this problem simply don’t go to the dentist and ignore the problem.

The biggest problem with tooth grinding is that it’s responsible for many other symptoms besides abrasion. Besides damaging the jaw joint, it may be accompanied by headache and if you experience sleep deprivation in the morning you can be sure that you grind your teeth while sleeping.

It’s often difficult to find the reasons for teeth grinding since psychosomatic disorders may lie in the background - thus, the treatment of this problem is pretty complex.

However, satisfactory result can be achieved by jaw joint treatments and orthodontics.


Regular white teeth themselves are not enough for a beautiful smile. Having a gorgeous smile involves sufficient quantity of healthy gums as well.

Receding, too little gums provide a grotesque spectacle and may also blemish laughter. In both cases, gum surgery can be the key to all problems.

Gum surgery

During pregnancy, the mother-to-be’s body goes through various changes - this is why she should pay particular attention to adequate oral hygiene and take part in screening tests regularly.

You can get answers for any emerging problems during your pregnancy period at our maternity dentistry, where we concern countless issues from appropriate oral care to the prevention of gingivitis.