"During the treatments I often try to lighten the mood of the treatments with humor and cheerfulness, thereby creating a calm atmosphere."

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Dr. Lili SULYOK Fogorvos, Dento-alveoláris sebész szakorvos
Dr. Gergely Hriczó-Koperdak

"… I believe that we should always strive to find the most appropriate solutions for our clients aesthetically and functionally in particular"

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Dr. Gergely Hriczó-Koperdak Conservative dentistry and prosthodontics specialist

"In my work as a dentist, the most important things for me are precise work and a preventive approach. My goal is to find a solution to your dental problem that allows you to leave the office with a confident smile."

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Dr. Anna RANGICS Dentist
Dr. Enikő BALOGH

"When everything around you is grim, your smile still shines. Here, function and aesthetics go hand in hand. Eat well and laugh bravely. We will help :)"

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Dr. Enikő BALOGH Orthodontic specialist

"During my work, I pay particular attention to prevention and to answering the questions that arise, because I believe that the results we achieve together can only be successful in the long term."

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Dr. Eszter KÖRHEGYI Conservative dentistry and prosthodontics specialist
Dorottya Kiss

"The success of our patient care is based on organisation, which is one of the many basic points. By establishing this criterion, I contribute to the team work."

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Dorottya Kiss patient-coordinator
Csenge ZSIÁK

"We all know that before and after a dental intervention, a person needs nothing more than a pleasant, friendly atmosphere and a nice smile :)"

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Csenge ZSIÁK patient-coordinator
Gábor Kiss

"When it comes to our clinic, only the best is good enough. We provide individualized quality care while focusing on you, as a Human."

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Gábor Kiss Manager