Orthodontic Consultations for Children & Adults

We offer the consultation with our experienced orthodontist now for 10.000HUF. 

Give us a chance to change your smile!

At DENTOPClinic the orthodontic consultations are now discounted and do not require any commitment to begin treatment. Your orthodontic consultation will give you the chance to meet the orthodontist and the staff, discuss your concerns & questions, and discover what treatment options are available for you or your child.

What to expect during an orthodontic consultation?

During your initial consultation, you can expect the following:

  • A review of your dental and medical history
  • Oral exam of your upper and lower jaws & teeth => if needed offering normal dental interventions before starting orthodontics, like treating a decayed tooth, and professional cleaning for example
  • A preliminary customized treatment plan and the estimated length of the treatment
  • We can tell you about the general fees. The specifications depend on the individual cases, because the treatments are customized to each patient, according to their need.
  • A question and answer session about your preliminary treatment plan.

Our offer of reduced-fee-consultation is available until withdrawal.

Why to see an Orthodontic Specialist?

The main reason for seeing an orthodontist specialist is the same for adults and kids - to treat malocclusion.

Our offerings

Orthodontics is one of the fastest developing field of the modern dentistry. We offer you also invisible (lingual & aligner systems) and aesthetic orthodontics. These modern braces are much more comfortable to wear and the treatment period can be dramatically shorter, than you might think.

Clear/transparent braces, invisible aligners @ discounted price! 

Orthodontics has now become the symbol of high-standard both in the circle of children and adults. At our clinic, all ages may find the most convenient orthodontic instruments, whether they are coloured, aesthetic, removable or completely transparent.

No matter if it’s a simple, a complex or an even more complicated case, we’re looking forward to meeting our patients at our clinic where we use the most modern equipments and innovative techniques available in order to provide customized treatments for you.

  • Do you have crooked teeth?
  • Do you have teeth gaps?
  • Do you have protruded front teeth?
  • Do you have an overbite/underbite ?
  • Do you have jaw pain?
  • Do you have dental aesthetic problems?
  • Do you have missing teeth?
  • Do you have insufficient place in your mouth to have an implant?
  • Are your teeth inclined?
  • Or do you simply want a beautiful, symmetrical smile?

Visit our clinic and we’ll help to make your smile beautiful!

Our mostly asked braces & aligners: 

Aligners - invisible trays

Self ligating aesthetic braces 

If you want to learn more about self ligating braces, we offer you a good article on this topic to read HERE.

Interested in invisible aligner treatments?

With our clear aligners we can straighten teeth invisibly, without using metal braces. Safe with controlled forces and comfortable to wear!

How they work?

Aligners straighten your teeth using a custom-made series of aligners produced for you and only you. These aligner trays are made of comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. They gradually and gently shift your teeth into their planned place. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten. You get new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, until your treatment is complete and our orthodontic specialist can control the whole process to give you treatment security all the time.

In Orthodontics there are no age limits!

Orthodontic consultations for children - important to note

If the orthodontic consultation is for a child under the age of 18, an adult parent or guardian must accompany the child for the duration of the consultation. Age 7 is usually the most common time for the first orthodontic consultation. Read our article for more detail HERE.

The majority of our patients start wearing orthodontics as an adult.

Orthodontic treatments take a bit more time in adulthood, but it is worth to start, because it results in increased aesthetics and regained self-confidence.

(Properly aligned teeth are less prone to decay due to easier cleaning.)

Come and see our specialist for your possibilities. Many patients we see have already worn orthodontic braces previously, but the results was not long lasting and their teeth got back in their original, misaligned position again. Our specialists can offer you the most effective solution for making the results long-lasting.

Want to learn how the orthodontics process looks like step-by-step?

  1. Your Initial Orthodontic Consultation Helps Us Determine Your Needs
  2. Your Orthodontist Helps You Get Started with a Oral & Bite Exam
  3. Our Specialist Will Explain You The Recommended Treatment Options 
  4. A: Meeting with Your Orthodontist To Get Your Braces On or B: Starting Aligner treatment!
  5. Adjustment Visits During Orthodontic Treatment
  6. Your Orthodontist Helps You Get Your Braces Off and Start With Retainers

Get your beautiful smile in the shortest possible time! Book your consultation today!

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